Welcome to Liv Med Spa!

I’m Kasandra, the founder and heart behind this passion project of mine.

My lifelong dedication to health and wellness, combined with a strong calling to help others, inspired the creation of Liv Med Spa. My goal is to inspire you to invest in yourself, to cultivate a life that is not just healthy, but also deeply meaningful.

I began my professional journey at South Dakota State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Over seven transformative years, I served as a registered nurse in the intensive care unit, honing my expertise and deepening my understanding of patient care. This invaluable experience led me to pursue further studies, culminating in a Master of Science in Nursing from Clarkson College in Omaha, Nebraska. As a full-time practicing Family Nurse Practitioner, I bring a strong foundation of clinical knowledge and experience that continues to grow and evolve based on evidence-based practices. My clinical background perfectly intertwines, my solid clinical background perfectly intertwines with my passion for preventative health, enabling me to deliver aesthetic services that elevate your unique features while promoting overall well-being.

In my pursuit of providing superior aesthetic care, I sought and received my Aesthetic Injector Certification from two trailblazers in the field: Cassie Lane, founder of Cassie Lane Aesthetics, and Suzanne Jagger, founder of Aura Aesthetics Academy. Equipped with their insights and my professional experiences, I am poised to bring you the highest standard of aesthetic services.

Liv Med Spa represents more than just my professional aspirations. It’s a deeply personal journey for me, one made all the more rewarding by the love and support of my husband, Kyle, and our three precious children, Livia, Bode, and Madden.

As St. Catherine of Siena once said, “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” With this guiding principle, I invite you to join me in this journey of self-discovery and wellness. Let’s explore together what the Lord is calling you to do, and allow me and the team at Liv Med Spa to help you unveil the best version of yourself.

Welcome to Liv Med Spa, a sanctuary for your health, beauty, and self-discovery.

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